Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Anarchist's Litterbox

With apologies to Chris Schwarz.  Or maybe not.  Do anarchists apologize?
The Anarchist's Litterbox

It's just a plywood box with poplar bracket feet and trim, built in a similar style to his "Anarchist's Tool Chest" except with a 8" x 10" feline access portal in one end.  With the exception of the plywood panels, everything was cut, shaped, and joined by hand, which was a lot of fun.  I didn't dovetail the trim because this chest won't get much physical abuse, and I didn't want any more chances to screw up, but I did glue up an acrylic tray for the bottom, to fend off the inevitable splatter of cat wizz.

Inside view - it holds all the feline sanitary accoutrements,
including a minimal but sufficient tool set and a box of fresh
litter below the sliding tray
The hinges are crap from the borg, stripped of the ugly zinc plating by an overnight bath in white vinegar.  There's a sliding till in the top, made of reclaimed old-growth Douglas Fir, dovetailed by hand (badly) and riding on waxed rails of quartersawn white oak.  I carefully considered each tool stored in this till, and for a few bucks I'll send you a DVD with a video where I go through them.  Ha ha.
Look at those authentic iron stains
from olde timey construction methods

The inside is finished with shellac, because I hear it's a good barrier to objectionable odors.  The outside is interior latex house paint.