Monday, February 6, 2012

Spare Bedroom Remodel - Demolition

Our "spare" bedroom is going to become a baby's room in another six months, so the lack of insulation, old and insufficient wiring, and especially the lead-based paint just aren't going to cut it.  Step 1:  Destroy!
Nick and Brian taking out their aggressions
A couple of friends came over on Saturday morning, and we spent about five hours beating on the walls to knock the plaster off the wood lath, and shoveling the debris into buckets and boxes.  The scale at the dump says 1600 lbs. of plaster came out of there.

The next layer is the wood lath strips, which pull off pretty easily with a Wonderbar / Superbar type prybar.  Unfortunately, someone blew in a bunch of cellulose insulation about ten years ago, so the ceilings and kneewalls are full of that, mixed in with nails, roofing debris and other junk that was dropped into the attic space over the years.  A super bonus are bird nests (and mummified Starlings) and mud wasp nests that were built near holes in the siding.  All that deliciousness falls out on my face as I pull the strips off, so it takes a long time.  I bundled the lath up with string, and it goes off to a recycling place that takes wood waste.  The cleaner portions of the cellulose will get dumped into the first floor exterior walls once I have access, and the rest of it gets bagged up for the dump.

One fun thing about taking apart old houses are the artifacts.  I've collected a big enough pile of stuff that I think it will get it's own post.