Saturday, December 31, 2011

Medicine Cabinet for the Bathroom

At long last, the final item to be done for the downstairs bathroom remodel is a mirror / medicine cabinet to go above the sink.
I figured out a desired size, and stumbled on a beveled mirror at Goodwill for eight bucks.  It was two inches wider than what I  would have ordered from a glass shop, but i couldn't pass it up.  Here's what I made.

The final size is 33" high by 24" wide (not including the trim or wider base) by 4" deep.  Most of the case and the door frame is poplar, bought at bloody Home Depot as 3/4" stock.  I gotta quit doing that.  I could have made it from alder from rough stock from Crosscut for higher quality and less money, although this is a pretty small project.  The thick base piece, however, is a beautiful chunk of vertical grain douglas fir that I reclaimed from a 2 x 6 ceiling joist that came out of this bathroom when I did the demolition.  I shaped the little bullnose opening trim above the door with handplanes, and re-shaped the top trim from a stock shape with some creative sawing and gluing.  The polished nickel latch and 2" ball-tip hinges are from Rejuvenation Hardware.  It's overpriced, but they have what I want and I can see it before I buy it.  I feel like I should have gone with Horton Brasses though.  I used glass retainer clips with a little rubber bumper (from Rockler) to secure the mirror in the door rabbet.  I painted it with the same white semigloss acrylic wall paint I'm using for all the other cabinetry and trim in the bathroom, and I'll top it with a layer of paste wax after it's cured for a week or two.