Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yay I have a blog

I know I'm always searching the web for information about things I want to buy, or ways to do things better, and I've found a lot of blogs to be very helpful.  This is hopefully going to be my way of giving back.  I like to make stuff, from furniture to simple electronics, and I like to fix (or try to fix) nearly anything.  My wife and I have done significant remodeling on our house, and I do nearly all my own car repairs.  Right now I'm building my first "real" piece of furniture.  That is, something not built from plywood screwed together into something serviceable.  It's a TV stand, or "entertainment center" for the fancy folks, for our new flat panel.  It's going to be in the Mission style, made from quartersawn white oak, with fairly simple lines.

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